Pricing & Packages

Finding a package that's right for you is the hardest decision! Each package has it's base rate, and maximum time, but from there it is fully customizable! Your time and money are important to me, and I want to make sure it's not a waste on either of our ends!

If you aren't sure what's right for you, feel free to contact me and we can set up some consultation time to figure it out!


All packages include an engagement session!


This one covers all the important pieces, without getting too out of hand. From the hour before the ceremony through all the important “after-ceremony” events. This one is for those that aren’t having a huge wedding, but still want the glamor.



Your choice: do you want the getting-ready pictures, or the party pictures? Either way, the ceremony and cake cutting is covered! This one is budget friendly with all the important parts.



From Mimosa’s to dessert, curling irons to send off. I will be there all day to make sure what you are experience is caught.



What is an elopement?

Google, and the Oxford Dictionary state that an Elopement is “to run away secretly, and marry, without parental consent.” Here in the 21st century though, Elopement is a whole different ordeal, and not nearly as stressful as your traditional wedding. You don’t have to say I DO like everyone else does.

Elopements can be an all day thing, and in my opinion, they should be. A Wedding day should be exactly that: a day. A day about you and the love of your life, not about the guests, the vendors, the food, and the entertainment. At least, that's what I believe, which is where Elopements come in.

As your elopement photographer, I do all the planning for you. You pick the destination and the special moments you want captured. Everything else? Leave it to me. Sunrise ceremony? Can do. Midday hike up the divide? Done. Moonrise wedding in the Sahara? YES PLEASE.

All packages and pricing are customizable to your unique goals! No two weddings are alike, so why should elopements?



Mini shoots are offered year round and are seasonally scheduled! These shoots are no longer than 30-minutes, and get the job done quick.



Family is important! And so is your time! These one-hour sessions include solo shots, siblings, couples, and the whole family! Styled, posed, and candid!



Sometimes families are larger than life, or maybe this is a family reunion! Whatever the occasion, making sure theres enough time for everyone is important.


Dance & Sports

Team Portraits

The team photos are the best way to showcase your team, and their talents! This is a two hour session, getting team shots, captains, grade levels, and solos!



The stage is the best part about being a dancer! Get amazing photos for an amazing night!

Dress Rehearsal preferred.


Sport Events

For your specific event or tournament please contact me to set up details and get all the important information for pricing.

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